Pilates is a system of mind-body conditioning that was created by German, Joseph Hubert Pilates in the early 20th century. Joseph Pilates created exercises which are performed using either a floor mat or a variety of specialised equipment, including the reformer. Pilates will teach you body awareness and healthy posture whilst enhancing physical strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Aside from the physical benefits it can reduce stress, improve mental focus and boost your sense of well-being. Pilates offers a solution to those with restricted mobility as well as to elite athletes. No matter what your age or fitness level Pilates can help you. 

Can I do a group Reformer class if i have never done pilates?

Yes you can, however for your safety before attending your first Open Reformer class you must come along to one of our Introduction classes. During your introduction session we will guide you through the foundations of Pilates, assess your mobility, and introduce you to our Reformer machines. As our Open Reformer classes are fast paced, they are best suited to those who are without any medical conditions. 

I've done Pilates before, do I still need to attend an Introduction class?

Yes, regardless of any previous experience we require all new clients to attend 1 Introduction class. This is for the safety and benefit of both you and us. During your introduction class we collect all necessary information about you including your past medical history, and it allows us to assess your needs and goals. By attending this introduction class you will experience the best possible instruction and personalised guidance moving forward.

Do I need to book?

Yes you do. Our classes are capped to ten people and they do book out. The CGM timetable is released 14 days in advance so we recommend getting into a good habit of booking your classes in early.

How do I book?

Use our convenient online booking system to book into a class. If it is your first visit with us you will be asked to register/create an account with us and you will need to book into an Introduction class prior to being able to attend the Open Reformer classes.  Once you have created your account you can book in anytime online or via the mind body app on your smartphone or tablet. 

If you'd like some help making your first booking please feel free to call us on 0405 559 840 or email info@cgmpilates.com.

What if I’m on a waitlist?

If you are on a waitlist for a class and a spot becomes available you will be sent the below system generated sms to your mobile phone.

(You've been added to CLASSNAME @TIME on DATE @CGM Pilates. Text "Y" to attend, "N" to decline, or "STOP" to unsubscribe. Msg & data rates may apply.)

So that we can provide you with quality classes please follow the prompts and reply to these messages either Y or N.
You have 24hrs to respond to the text message from the time it has been sent. If you do not reply within 24hrs you will be cancelled from the class and the spot will be offered to the next person on the Waitlist. Please respond promptly so the waitlist runs smoothly and remember to cancel any surplus classes if your schedule changes due to a confirmed waitlist.


Pilates can be for anyone and everyone. At CGM Pilates we offer group classes and one-on-on private sessions and all of our sessions are tailored to your needs and/or goals. 

IS pilates suitable during pregnancy?

Yes, Pilates can be a very safe way to prepare your body for, and during pregnancy, and to help you recover post pregnancy. For your safety you will need to supply us with a certificate from your doctor prior to your first session. If you are an existing client or have previous experience then you can most likely continue group classes during the first trimester and your instructor will provide appropriate modifications. During your second and third trimesters we recommend private sessions. Our group Classes are not suitable for new prenatal clients, we recommend Private sessions if you are pregnant and new to Pilates.

Six weeks following the birth of your little one you can book in your 30minute Postpartum assessment and following this we will  recommend either continuing private or group sessions.

Can I claim a rebate from my Private Health Insurance provider?

Taking effect from April 2019, private health insurance no longer covers natural therapies including Pilates. For specific information visit https://www.pilates.org.au/health-funds/ or talk to your health insurance provider.

what do i wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable workout/active wear. For hygiene and saftey, you must wear Pilates grip socks in our Reformer classes, these can be purchased in the studio for $15. Mat and barre classes can be performed in bare feet or with Pilates grip socks.

I’m a cgm member, can i put my membership on hold?

As a CGM Member you can put your Membership on hold if you go away. Please complete the Membership Suspension Form to place your membership on hold. Some terms and conditions do apply.