CGM Pilates presents

Mumma's Rooftop Barre Session

Georgia Nike

Join Georgia Nike, for this fun rooftop Barre session. Georgia is a qualified nutritionist specializing in gut health, a Pilates and Barre Instructor, and a new mum to baby girl Sage.
This morning is for you and your babies and includes a 45 minute 'buggy barre' class, Georgia's specially designed barre/Pilates class for mum's and bubs using your pram as your ballet barre. Bub can be worn in a carrier or can sit happily in their pram. This class is a full body workout and great bonding time for mum and baby.
Class will be followed by brunch hosted by ‘Two Point Oh’ and a nutrition workshop. You will be given information and tools to help get you back to feeling like yourself and includes some simple tips you can implement into you life.


When: Wednesday 1st August 2018

Time: 10:30am- Midday

Location: CGM Pilates Rooftop, Kon-Tiki Business centre, 55 Plaza Pde Maroochydore

Cost: $45 all inclusive


What is Buggy Barre?

Get back in-shape with your bub and in a group of like-minded ladies with this fun and safe exercise class. Using your pram as a ballet barre this class combines barre exercises and mat Pilates techniques designed to start building strength, flexibility and tone after the birth of your little one.

How soon after the birth of my baby can I participate?

Mum's must be 6 weeks postpartum and must have approval from their doctor to exercise.

Do I need a pram or carrier?

A. Bubs will ideally be in prams or can be carried in a supportive baby carrier if under 8kilos.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a Yoga/Pilates Mat, your pram and/or supportive baby carrier, a water bottle and your nappy bag. As this event will be outdoors we suggest sun protection for you and your baby.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable active wear, bare feet or socks.